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TriggerHub provides the most advanced form of reach for mental health recovery, support and wellbeing for THE WORKPLACE, STUDENTS & THE NEXT GENERATION. We’ve created bibliotherapy to assist people who experience mental health unbalance, and direct them to the wealth of knowledge passed on by those who have been on the same journey. TriggerHub emphatically increases confidence and hope, thus greatly reducing the average time it takes people to start their journey, illuminating a clear trajectory to recovery and beyond.
Lived experience bibliotherapy humanises mental health, breaking stigma and challenging out-dated societal values, to create real impact.
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The Real Dynamics & Characteristics Of A Mental Health Sufferer

Procrastination is the most common characteristic of a mental health sufferer. Most will take years – if not decades – to confront their mental health issues.

Time and time again, the sufferer will stop themselves from seeking help, despite many support programs delivered by companies and institutions.


There’s a severe lack of HUMAN CONNECTION, which isolates real people and real sufferers.

We must self-explore our mindsets and unlock self-compassion BEFORE we can reach out for help.

We want to answer those burning questions, in our own space and time – in absolute privacy.

Has anyone else suffered like me? If so, where can I find them? What will happen? Am I normal? Am I alone? Why am I not normal like everyone else? Can anyone see the pain I am in? How do I even start to explain this to someone? What if I'm the only one that thinks this way? I need to give up... If I reach out for help, what will my friends and family think? What will my boss think?

Our evolution

We’ve never lost touch with our grassroots.

We’re expanding at a rapid rate… our goal is to reach millions of people around the world providing affordable, relatable and impactful Mental Health Solutions.
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw
Trigger Group Founder

"The human experience of mental health still underpins our core values & products - and always will!"

Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw's
lived experience

Through Adam's own experience of mental health - he discovered the power of human connection through lived experience memoirs.

Trigger Publishing established

We opened the world's first mental health publishing house, giving a voice to hundreds in the UK & US

TriggerHub is launched

Bibliotherapy for mental health recovery and balance is launched.

TriggerHub reaches 11M Children

In 2020, we championed legislation that was passed in the houses of parliament, providing every child in the UK with mental health education.

Screenshot of our HR Mental Health Toolkit, BiblioSpace

TriggerHub's B2B business model developed

We combined psychology and lived experience to pioneer a revolutionary early intervention provision that prevents people reaching crisis point.

Flag of the United Kingdom

TriggerHub is embedded in the UK market

We've partnered with leading UK organisations to deliver our groundbreaking mental health provision.

Flag of the United States

TriggerHub Launches in the US

With a $12 million investment in the US, we are accelerating our global reach.

How we do it & why

Having invested over $20 million to date since our inception in 2017, TriggerHub is consistently evolving and innovating. We are dedicated to creating life-changing Lived Experience Bibliotherapy, adding over 100 new specialist titles to our already highly acclaimed exclusive content. The TriggerHub platform is provided through our London, U.K. publishing houses, Trigger Publishing and Cherish Editions. These platforms are ergonomically designed with a precise focus on the science of Lived Experience for Mental Health Wellbeing and Prosperity.


Shawmind Charity launched.

103,300 signatures

Children's mental health education was debated in parliament.


Shawmind launched Breathe outreach in schools and colleges.


Mental Health education was made compulsory in UK Schools


Shawmind and TriggerHub haven't stopped there - we continue to combat the mental health crisis providing essential tools, resources, training and solutions to UK Schools.

We make Impact

Our proudest moment to date: a progressive change in UK history for the next generation, TriggerHub and our sister charity,, were responsible for pushing through legislation in the UK that has made mental health education compulsory as part of the school curriculum for all students.

TriggerHub continues to play an integral part in forming the curriculum by normalising mental health for the next generation through its lived experience ethos.

A notable achievement that’s gone down in history – motivated by the ethics of lived experiences and TriggerHub bibliotherapy.

Together, we can make a difference.

What makes TriggerHub world-leading?

We’ve fine-tuned the perfect balance of lived experience memoirs and expert-driven content.

We select only the most highly acclaimed US and UK clinical psychologists and leading global experts in mental health and wellbeing to complement and validate our lived experience memoirs.

We are the solution for better mental health

With this winning, world-leading business model, TriggerHub forges the way to create and generate the society we all dream of – one in which we achieve the absolute normalization of mental health, wellbeing, balance and recovery.

We know the solution requires science, innovators, creators and enterprise to come together and share information. Mental health charities – including our own, – can’t carry the heavy burden of treating and solving the current problem alone.

TriggerHub’s forward-thinking innovation and one-of-a-kind vision is the definitive resolution for a mentally healthier society for today’s world and for the next generation.

It’s a battle we can win – and we will win.

Make impact. Join Us.


Harnessing the unparalleled power of timeless Bibliotherapy, rooted in the wisdom of Lived Experience, our exclusive content enables individuals to explore their mental health, visualize recovery, and reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.

At TriggerHub, we believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking resilience and hope on the journey to mental wellbeing. Here, knowledge truly becomes empowerment as individuals not only deepen their understanding of mental health conditions but also access clinically approved techniques and strategies for self-management and relief from mental health experiences.

LIVED EXPERIENCE: is the wisdom and understanding gained through directly experiencing a mental health condition

BIBLIOTHERAPY: is the use of books and written material as a therapeutic tool to support emotional and psychological wellbeing.
TriggerHub’s Bibliotherapy harnesses the wisdom of Lived Experience, offering exclusively produced content that serves as a powerful tool for:
  • self-exploration
  • recovery visualization
  • to inspire hope
  • stigma reduction
  • and accelerated help-seeking for individuals living with a mental illness.