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‘Music is the backstage pass to our soul’ – Eliot Kennedy



By Eliot Kennedy

Songwriter/Producer | Grammy Award winner | Ivor Novello winner | Golden Globe nominee | Critics Choice nominee

Meet The Maestro Behind the Music

Meticulously hand selected by our highly acclaimed clinical team at Resolute in enhancing our elite status for mental health prosperity.

We are are extremely honored and privileged to introduce TriggerHub’s Audiotherapy exclusive Head Producer: Eliot Kennedy, the world renowned songwriter and record producer.

With a career that spans decades and a mastery of music that transcends the boundaries of genre, time, and expectation, Eliot Kennedy has become a living legend in the world of production. He has forged collaborations with iconic artists like Take That, Spice Girls, Bryan Adams, Lulu, S Club 7, Five, Gary Barlow, Delta Goodrem, and The Wanted, Eliot Kennedy has carved his name into the fundamentals of music history, winning Grammy Awards, an Ivor Novello, and captivating the hearts and souls of millions worldwide through the power of music.

Eliot Kennedy and Gary Barlow

Eliot’s musical prowess spans decades, with a legacy that includes hits like the Spice Girls‘ “Say You’ll Be There,” Celine Dion‘s mind-soothing melodies, Boyzone‘s chart-toppers, and the soulful sounds of Aretha Franklin and Mary J Blige.

Eliot’s song, “Never Gonna Break My Faith”, now an anthem for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, stands as a testament to his impact on both music and society.

ELIOT KENNEDY'S Audiotherapy

Introducing Audiotherapy

During the global lockdown, when the world grappled with a relentless pandemic, Eliot decided to harness the healing power of music. He created “Mind Music,” an album designed to help people combat anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. Drawing inspiration from music therapy practices and discussions with experts, he realized that tailored compositions, directed at specific mental health issues, could be a game-changer.
Get ready for a groundbreaking resource: “Elite Audiotherapy” which will provide curated music playlists meticulously paired with individual mental health treatment categories.
Pairing Elite Audiotherapy with Lived Experience Bibliotherapy creates a ground-breaking combination that taps into both the soothing power of sound and the wisdom of shared lived experiences, offering an unrivalled, holistic approach to mental health recovery & prosperity.
Eliot Kennedy’s Elite Audiotherapy debuts exclusively on soon.

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Exclusively produced for:

Eliot Kennedy and Bryan Adams

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What is Lived Experience Bibliotherapy?

Lived experience bibliotherapy involves using literature, particularly books, as a means of self-guided therapeutic exploration. By reading works that reflect their own struggles and emotions, individuals can find solace, understanding, and insight into their personal experiences, making it a valuable tool for self-improvement and healing, especially in the realms of emotional challenges and life transitions.