7 books to boost your self-confidence and empower you

7 books to boost your self-confidence and empower you

Self-confidence is an important part of living your best life, yet sometimes it can be difficult to achieve. At Trigger, our mission is to provide you with the resources to best help you through your wellbeing journey – through inspiring testimonies (what we call lived experience) – as well as self-help books.

We put together a list of some of the most empowering books to support you on your self-discovery journey and inspire you to be the most confident version of yourself. Sometimes, all you need is an extra push and additional motivation to help you to reach that goal… or simply keep on going.

As a combination of Scarlett’s personal story and a response to some of the questions she’s been asked at school and college events, this handbook is the perfect tool to help you find your talent and passion. It will help you to deal with anxiety, fear of failure, and silencing self-doubt. 

The Smart Girls Handbook is ideal for any girl who wants to push their boundaries. Through a series of tools, tips, and exercises, it will motivate you to be more confident and love yourself. You are the one in control of your life; don’t let insecurities get the better of you!

2. My Power Journal by Ups!de Down Books

Created by the team at Trigger, My Power Journal will guide you through a journey of self-discovery. Inside, you’ll find guided lists and prompts, inspirational quotes, drawings to colour in… and much more!

Young adulthood can be challenging and as you grow up, you might find yourself questioning who you are or how to deal with changes, but you don’t have to go through it on your own. This gorgeous little book is perfect for anyone who wants to discover their inner strength and reveal their power.

3. Discover your Power Animal by Naz Ahsun

A power animal is believed to be a messenger with a personal connection to an individual. They will offer you guidance, lessons, protection, power and wisdom. It’s thought that everyone has a power animal, and Naz will help you get in touch with yours.

This book will teach you how to get in contact with your power animal – and work with them to improve your wellbeing – because there’s nothing as empowering as re-awakening your inner-knowing.

4. Great Sexpectations by Gemma Cribb and James Findlay

Have you ever felt like you needed to meet certain expectations during sex, having to be the picture-perfect partner who has it all together, no messiness, just sexiness? You are not alone. Great Sexpectations is an expert look at how the hyper-sexualised society we live in makes it difficult to form realistic expectations of sex… which consequentially, can have an impact on our mental health, sexual wellbeing, self-esteem and relationships.

This book will help you explore your unhelpful beliefs and discover your authentic sexual self. Drop the unachievable expectations, insecurities and self-doubts, and finally have the fulfilling sexual experiences and relationships that you deserve!

5. Make Your Mark in the Workplace by James Espey

Having managed and developed top global brands for over fifty years, in Make Your Mark in the Workplace,James shares his wisdom, knowledge and experience to define what it takes to be successful in the world of business. 

This book will provide you with 100 bite-sized tips applicable to any working scenario, helping you to make your mark on the world. It’s the perfect tool to help you build your personal brand. It will motivate and empower you to achieve business success and career fulfilment.

6. A Year of You by Trigger Publishing

Busy schedule, tight lunch break, moving mindlessly from one task to another, no time for a break… does this resonate with you? Sometimes it feels impossible to have a moment just for yourself; it’s far too easy to get swept away in this fast-moving world, but it should not be like that. A Year of You is a seasonal guide, simple to engage with, filled with activities and prompts to take back control over your day, month and year. The pages aren’t date-specific so it can be started in any season and re-used year on year.

Slowing down and making sure to make some time for self-care is vital, and this exercise book will guide you through it. Whether you’re seeking a moment of calm or exploring your feelings more, this book will help you conquer the world!

7. Liar Liar by Laurie Katz

Laurie Katz, early into her first university term, was sexually harassed and set out to get justice against her aggressor. However, when her case was dismissed by the authorities, she was left on her own. To make things worse, her attacker then filed a case against her. In this powerful book, Laurie speaks out about her sexual assault, breaking the silence surrounding this topic.

Liar Liar offers a beacon of hope to anyone who has experienced anything similar, receiving support and advice from someone who has been in that position herself. Trauma is difficult to explore, particularly when shame and stigma can surround it. However, it can be encouraging to know that you are not alone, which might give you some extra strength and confidence, particularly in those times when you feel hope seems to be lost.

At Trigger, we understand that books can transform lives, and we hope that these books and guides will support you in your self-confidence and empowerment journey.


Harnessing the unparalleled power of timeless Bibliotherapy, rooted in the wisdom of Lived Experience, our exclusive content enables individuals to explore their mental health, visualize recovery, and reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.

At TriggerHub, we believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking resilience and hope on the journey to mental wellbeing. Here, knowledge truly becomes empowerment as individuals not only deepen their understanding of mental health conditions but also access clinically approved techniques and strategies for self-management and relief from mental health experiences.

LIVED EXPERIENCE: is the wisdom and understanding gained through directly experiencing a mental health condition

BIBLIOTHERAPY: is the use of books and written material as a therapeutic tool to support emotional and psychological wellbeing.
TriggerHub’s Bibliotherapy harnesses the wisdom of Lived Experience, offering exclusively produced content that serves as a powerful tool for:
  • self-exploration
  • recovery visualization
  • to inspire hope
  • stigma reduction
  • and accelerated help-seeking for individuals living with a mental illness.