Bibliotherapy – An Innovative, On-Demand Solution to Mental health

Bibliotherapy – An Innovative, On-Demand Solution to Mental health

Bibliotherapy harnesses the power to assist with mental health recovery, it is also becoming a favoured form of help alongside medicinal and talking methods. The concept dates back to 300 BC and was used for ‘healing of the soul’, for a long time bibliotherapy has been used to treat illness, specifically mental health related. (Words That Heal, 2022).

The Science Behind it:

Books about lived experiences, meaning that they tell the author’s story in first person, have this effect called neural mirroring. By going on that journey with the author, you connect and walk the path to recovery with them. This phenomenon is called narrative transformation, or becoming the character in the book. This is great for people who have just been diagnosed or come to a realisation about their own mental health for the first time, because by the end of the book you feel like you’ve already lived it and have a better understanding of how to handle and embrace your issue better.

Who is it for?

This form of therapy fits everyone, from early years and schools, to universities, workplaces and everyday people. Anyone can pick up a book and begin their journey, there is no set time or specific commitment with bibliotherapy, it’s all about your own time and pace.

It’s great for early years and schools because it helps young children to develop a better understanding of their emotions and how to connect with others, therefore preventing mental health conditions from a young age – did you know that 75% of people develop their first signs of mental health issues before the age of 14?

It’s no secret that university students struggle with mental health, and it’s also no secret that wellbeing services struggle to assist everyone. Most universities can only offer 2 counselling sessions and then suggest groups to attend, with our specially curated student series we can help students to explore their mental health independently without relying on student services, they can also encourage students to speak up about their mental health – did you know that 1 student commits suicide every 4 days?

The workplace is well-known for creating stress and anxiety in employees, the hidden mental health pandemic is increasing and more and more people are putting it down to their job. We are currently experiencing the ‘Great Resignation’ where rising numbers of people are quitting their jobs due to lack of satisfaction and wanting a better quality of life. By adding accessible bibliotherapy we can cultivate happier and healthier working environments for employees, and increase job satisfaction and loyalty. We have a fantastic selection of books related to the workplace that would be perfect for all industries! – Did you know that 1 in 4 men attribute poor mental health to their job?

TriggerHub has brought bibliotherapy into the twenty-first century with a modern twist, making it an innovative, on-demand, instantly accessible and affordable solution to mental health recovery.

The Benefits:

There are many benefits to bibliotherapy, some that are less known than others;

  1. More accessible and affordable for everyone

Talking and medicinal therapy can be expensive, and waiting times can be ridiculously long. Plus they might not be the right fit for everyone, some people don’t like to talk and medicine can react in different ways, making it not accessible for everyone. Unlike bibliotherapy which anyone can do in their own time, privately and at their own pace for a very minimal cost.

  1. Helps you better understand your condition

By reading a memoir by someone who has lived through what you are experiencing, you subconsciously live through it too and it teaches you more about what you are experiencing and how to deal with it. It can sometimes shine a light on a fresh perspective too!

  1. If you’re not connecting, it’s easier to switch

When you don’t connect with a therapist, you can switch and change but that can incur costs! With bibliotherapy, if you don’t connect with a book that’s fine, it’s much easier to switch and much more affordable.

Want to know a secret? The most brilliant, successful, talented, resilient and admirable people you will ever meet will have struggled with their mental health at some point. That’s Because it isn’t life’s “’perfect moments” that build character –  what really shapes you as a person and builds brilliance is the obstacles you’ve faced, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the grit and determination you’ve built along the way.

If you are interested in bringing mental health recovery into the modern world in your establishment, then get in touch today!

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