Make a Date With Your Duvet to Combat Stress and Feel Good

Make a Date With Your Duvet to Combat Stress and Feel Good

Winter can be tough for all of us with its dark mornings and nights, grey skies and rainy days.

This year, amid a global pandemic, things are likely to be a little more lonely than usual too.

In seven sections, How to Feel Good in Difficult Times explains how you can bring wellbeing and happiness into all aspects of your life this Christmas.

One of the most effective ways in which you can do this, as explained in the chapter Home, is to create a safe space in which you can recuperate and gain perspective.

For instance, why not reserve some time to make a date with your duvet?

This activity is particularly welcome on a dreary winter’s day for those of us in isolation or lockdown.

Make a date with your duvet

Setting aside a day to occasionally pamper yourself will give both your health and self-esteem a boost.

It is a common belief that this is best achieved by booking a day at a luxury spa.

Spas are a great place for celebrations and treats, but are perhaps not the best for emotional recovery, especially if you have financial worries.

A quiet “duvet day” in the comfort of your own home, on the other hand, can significantly help emotional recovery.

The following list suggests little changes that you can implement into your routine to make a big difference:

    • Plan a day of self-indulgence when your house is empty. Solitude can give you the freedom to be exactly who you are, and the peace and quiet is a bonus
    • Fill your fridge with nutritious bite-sized treats and healthy drinks. Make sure you have all you need for a luxurious breakfast in bed, as this will help with relaxation
    • On days where you have nothing planned, inform anyone who is likely to call or visit that you are having an “away day”
    • Prepare your own entertainment, so that you are not relying on daytime TV to amuse you
    • Select a range of music that is relaxing. Listening to music at the end of your day can be a great way to lift your spirits
    • If you love reading, buy or borrow a book that you know will absorb your attention and offer some distractions from your problems
    • Consider buying a cheap pay-as-you-go phone and give the number to only a few people whom you would want to contact you in an emergency. This will leave you free to turn off all communication with the outside world, not just on your duvet day


Extract from How to Feel Good in Difficult Times by Gael Lindenfield (Trigger publishing £7.99).


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