There have been some changes at Trigger

There have been some changes at Trigger

Let’s talk about: Books and your mental health recovery

A global mental health crisis is happening right now. We don’t need to tell you that. The world is healing and many of us will need time to focus on our mental health recovery.

At Trigger, we will remain true to our legacy of publishing mental health books, but we want to do more.

We will continue to publish people’s personal stories and tell the world about their bravery, in partnership with Cherish Editions. We will support the fight for real change with our partner charity Shawmind, and we are committed to sharing the wonderful work of the mental health advocate community.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of – your mental health and wellbeing hub.

500+ books to help your mental health recovery

We have curated carefully an online bookshop with the best self-help books to aid your recovery.

The books available at Trigger have been recommended by our consultant clinical psychologist and are written by leading experts, therapists, and survivors of mental health issues.

We are proud to stock children’s books by pioneering authors who want to help start those conversations early; books that support students and young people; books that impart parenting advice and relationship guidance; wellbeing books that will empower you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle; and mental health memoirs by people who have gone through the same experiences that you have and come through the other side.

If you have never bought a self-help book before you can browse our online shelves with ease, and if you are looking for help with a particular issue or problem, our search tool will help you find a book that’s right for you.

Resources and articles from advocates, survivors, and clinical experts

We are at the start of our journey as a mental health and wellbeing organisation with the vision of helping you to prioritise mental wellness through books, advice, and resources.

You can find mental health advice and resources on our site.

If you specialise in writing about mental health and want to contribute, please contact us.

We are a mental health organisation that believes in the power of books

Personal stories are powerful. In difficult times people find comfort, solace, and companionship in books. At Trigger, we believe that if you read a book about someone who has gone through the same experiences as you, you can feel less alone – and start your path towards positive mental health.

Books are just one tool available to you. If you find yourself in a moment of crisis, please seek professional help. 

These organisations offer free, 24-hour support: Samaritans and Shout 85258.


Harnessing the unparalleled power of timeless Bibliotherapy, rooted in the wisdom of Lived Experience, our exclusive content enables individuals to explore their mental health, visualize recovery, and reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.

At TriggerHub, we believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking resilience and hope on the journey to mental wellbeing. Here, knowledge truly becomes empowerment as individuals not only deepen their understanding of mental health conditions but also access clinically approved techniques and strategies for self-management and relief from mental health experiences.

LIVED EXPERIENCE: is the wisdom and understanding gained through directly experiencing a mental health condition

BIBLIOTHERAPY: is the use of books and written material as a therapeutic tool to support emotional and psychological wellbeing.
TriggerHub’s Bibliotherapy harnesses the wisdom of Lived Experience, offering exclusively produced content that serves as a powerful tool for:
  • self-exploration
  • recovery visualization
  • to inspire hope
  • stigma reduction
  • and accelerated help-seeking for individuals living with a mental illness.