Read an extract from The Energy Alignment Method by Yvette Taylor

Read an extract from The Energy Alignment Method by Yvette Taylor

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a self-help technique created by spiritual coach Yvette Taylor. The five-step method has a global following with over 100 certified coaches trained in the Law of Attraction.

Yvette Taylor has written about the practice in her new book, The Energy Alignment Method: Let Go of the Past, Free Yourself From Self-Sabotage and Attract the Life You Want. The book will introduce you to EAM and teach you how you can incorporate it into your life. It is the perfect introduction if you are looking to learn more about the method.

Read the extract below from The Energy Alignment Method, where Yvette Taylor dispels myths about manifesting and personal development.

Dispelling Myths

There are a few self-help myths that we often come across where people have read, seen or interpreted information or half-stories. These same myths can hinder our journey to changing our life, so we want to clear them up right now.

1. To Change Your Life, Just Think Positively and Say Your Affirmations

The truth is that you have to let go of resistance or negativity first. You have to let go of any resistant energy, thoughts, beliefs or emotions before you do the positive thinking and affirmations, otherwise your energy field will contradict the words you use. Yes, affirmations, positivity and focus are important, but you need to transform the resistance before you can manifest.

2. The Law of Attraction Is Quick and Always Gives Instant Results

This myth has led to a world of people looking for a ‘quick fix’ solution to changing their life. When their manifestation hasn’t arrived in 24 hours, they give up on themselves, thinking they’re wrong or broken. They then change their focus and give attention to it not being there, which creates the same.

We’ve seen people release issues with EAM, which would take years or months with other therapies, in minutes. When they’re gone, your ability to attract can be fast; however, sometimes manifestations are meant to take time. It’s the point between asking and receiving where you have to learn trust and surrender. Maybe other pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place, timing has to be right, or you need to be ready to receive all you’re asking for.

3. It’s All About an Abundant Mindset

No, being in alignment and changing your life is about more than your mindset. That is only one expression of your life. You must understand all the key elements of the manifesting/change your life/personal development puzzle. We’ve heard people say, ‘Just write your gratitude journal’, or ‘Just meditate’, or ‘Just think positively’. Then it doesn’t work and no one tells you why.

These practices are tools to enable you to harness your energy and they work brilliantly when you are in flow. Yet, they only form part of the picture. Everything is energy, and energy can only be in one of three states. When you apply EAM first, it works wonderfully alongside these tools too.

4. Just Ask and You’ll Receive

The Law of Attraction is seen as a magical principle that will make you a millionaire without you having to do anything. This links back to that ‘quick fix’ mentality. However, the Law of Attraction is an active rather than passive process. You have to get involved in it to make it manifest. It’s more than something to focus on when you want to manifest: it’s a way of life.

What determines the answer you receive is really the vibrational question you ask. But what you attract is rarely in the form you expect. The guidance you receive is often more subtle. It may be a chance meeting, an intuitive nudge, finding a book, meeting a person or hearing from a friend.

People believe manifesting only means receiving the thing they asked for. In truth, we’re manifesting and receiving all the time. We do get an answer; we just often miss the message. You have to take action, otherwise you’ll never find the answer you’ve been asking for.

5. You Have to ‘Dig’ for the Root of Your Unhappiness Or Talk It Out

Many other self-help methods or traditional forms of therapy require you to relive the past. For some people, it’s helpful. For some it’s painful. By re-energizing past experiences, we put ourselves back into the energetic state we were in at the time. With EAM, you can release and transform anything in your biofield without ‘digging’, ‘finding the root’ or ‘talking it out’. You can get clarity on things without the pain. By releasing the energy of the situation, you also create change across multiple levels of your experience at all once.

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a simple yet transformational five-step self-help technique designed to shift energy, thoughts and emotions so you can change what you see, feel or experience in your life. It’s been described as a bridge between science and spirituality. Founded on more than 20+ years of working with energy medicine, Law of Attraction and traditional Chinese medicine, EAM is a blend of kinesiology, neuro-scientific research, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), positive psychology and Eastern practices. For more on what the Energy Alignment Method involves you can visit

Yvette Taylor is the creator of EAM and is an award-winning spiritual and business coach. She has spent 20 years teaching self-development.

The Energy Alignment Method: Let Go of the Past, Free Yourself From Self-Sabotage and Attract the Life You Want by Yvette Taylor is available from Trigger in paperback and ebook.


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