Professor Kristin Kosyluk, Ph.D.

Introducing Dr. Kristin Kosyluk, PhD: Leading the Revolution in Mental Health Recovery Through Lived Experience Narratives

Scientifically and Independently Authenticated: Lived Experience is the Proven Core Component of Mental Health Recovery and Prosperity

Professor Kristin Kosyluk, Ph.D.

Dr. Kristin Kosyluk stands at the forefront of mental health research in the United States, driving a paradigm shift that holds the potential to reverse the escalating mental health crisis.

Through her groundbreaking work, she has unveiled a powerful truth: “lived experience” narratives have the unparalleled ability to combat mental health stigma, conquer procrastination, and accelerate individuals’ journeys toward seeking essential, and often critical, help.

Awards & Honours:

Dean’s Outstanding Research Award
Spring 2023

College of Behavioral and Community Sciences International Collaboration Travel Award
Spring 2023

Outstanding Behavioral Health Researcher Award from the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute
Fall 2022

Academic Appointments:



Dr. Kosyluk has over a decade of academic appointments at some of the US’s most revered institutions including:

The University of South Florida, The University of Texas at El Paso and The Illinois Institute of Technology




Dr. Kosyluk has over 42 publications in some of the US’s most esteemed academic publications, including:

American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Social Psychology and the Journal of Mental Health

Dr. Kosyluk's research
has found that
Experience Narratives:

Reduce mental health stigma
and procrastination and accelerate the
time in which it takes an individual to
seek help.

Breaking the Silence: Redefining Mental Health Recovery

Dr. Kosyluk’s pioneering research has scientifically proven that lived experience narratives are fundamental to mental health recovery. These narratives alone hold the unequivocal power to break-down age-old, but outdated, barriers, dismantle stigmas, and inspire change on a global scale.

Without these narratives, Dr. Kosyluk hypothesizes that the mental health crisis will persist, leaving countless individuals trapped in isolation due to stigma and procrastination, unable to seek the support they urgently need.

Dr. Kosyluk's Pioneering Research:

Uncovering the Invisible: The Limitations of Current Data

In a world where data and analytics from mental health apps capture only a fraction of the true struggle, Dr. Kosyluk challenges conventional wisdom. She emphasizes that the existing data fails to account for those who silently bear their burdens, shrouded by shame and isolation.

The key ingredient to a true and genuine understanding lies in lived experience narratives, which have been scientifically proven to catalyze a transformative increase in the number of individuals seeking help, uncovering the REAL TRUTH and enabling help to reach those most in need.

"One day we won’t have to call it 'brave' to talk openly about mental illness.

We’ll simply call it talking."

Dr. Kristin Kosyluk, PhD proudly supports

Empowering Voices, Changing Lives

Dr. Kosyluk envisions a future where lived experiences illuminate the path to recovery for those trapped in turmoil, isolated by invisible barriers and internal battles.

By placing lived experiences at the forefront of mental health care, we can revolutionize the way in which society views mental illness, dismantling taboos and fostering open conversations about the reality of mental health.

Together, guided by Dr. Kristin Kosyluk's pioneering research, we can create a world where mental health recovery and prosperity is not just a distant dream, but a tangible reality accessible to all.

Insights for Empowerment:

Dr. Kristin Kosyluk's Latest Wisdom on Mental Health Recovery

Professor Kristin Kosyluk, Ph.D.

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