Free 24/7 Mental Health Support for All Our Authors

Free 24/7 Mental Health Support for All Our Authors

Our main mission at Trigger has always been to improve the support that is available to anyone suffering with their mental health. We are proud to do this for the general public through the books that we publish, but supporting our staff and authors to have access to help when they need it is something we feel extremely passionate about.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that Trigger are becoming the first publisher ever to offer 24 hour mental health support to all our authors, past, present and future.

Effective immediately, any Trigger, Upside Down Books or Cherish Editions author can access the Everymind app completely free of charge.

Launched three months ago, the Everymind mobile-app is currently providing 24/7 mental health support to over 10,000 employees, and is fast becoming the go to app for employee well-being. Trigger is proud to have provided some of the start up funds to get the app off the ground, in return for lifetime access for all staff and authors.

The Everymind app uses the latest technology to provide informative and engaging content, in-person training and other interactive experiences. On the app you can find a huge library of helpful resources, which is constantly evolving, plus options to personalise your experience, based on your particular needs. All activity on the app is completely anonymous.

You can find out more about the Everymind app by visiting their website:

If you are an author and have not received details on how to access the Everymind app, please contact [email protected].

We sincerely hope that access to the Everymind can play a pivotal role in the positive mental health and well-being of you and your family.