How to Spark Your Creative Side During Lockdown

How to Spark Your Creative Side During Lockdown

As children, our world is a riot of colourful activity, from game playing and acting, to singing, dancing, painting and drawing. But as we grow and the shackles of adulthood take priority, we lose these creative outputs and our confidence to undertake them.

During a time of national lockdown, when spirits can be low, and there may be little to occupy your mind, it is important to keep mentally and physically active.

What better way to spend your time than rediscovering your creative spark?

By considering the following ideas, you can easily open the floodgates to let colour flow back into your life.

Revive a Hidden Talent

Think about the activities you used to enjoy when you were a child.

Did you often play tennis? Maybe you really enjoyed crocheting or playing the clarinet.

If you’re finding this difficult, try instead to think of something you’ve always wanted to pursue but never have.

For instance, is there a language you’ve always wanted to learn, but you’ve never before had the time?

Or, has it been your lifelong ambition to steer your career in a different direction?

Maybe this is the time to pick up some of those skills essential for this. Enrol on a course, research or experiment with new things, try something out that you’ve always wanted to.

Experiment with Eccentricity

It can be both incredibly useful and mentally stimulating to try a whole host of new things. Acting out of character can introduce you to some fantastic hobbies or interests that you would never otherwise have enjoyed.

For instance, why not prepare a dish that you’ve never tried before.

Or, buy and wear accessories that you would normally consider out of character. This might be a bit difficult during lockdown, but there’s always online shopping.

On the plus side, at least if you don’t like the way you look you won’t need to wear it at the office!

Make a Mood Music Compilation

This is one that can easily be done from home.

Make a list of your favourite uplifting tunes and create a playlist or a CD that you can blast out. This will work especially well on the days you feel a little blue.

Or, create a playlist of nostalgic songs which will encourage happy thoughts.

Stimulate your Creativity with an Artistic Challenge

Have you always wanted to learn how to paint, how to write short stories, or how to bake?

What better time to pursue your artistic interests than now?

Many of us often lack the time to pursue these creative challenges. With an increasing amount of time spent at home, why not get creative and have some fun whilst you’re at it?

Get involved, be spontaneous. See what you can do.


This extract is from Weathering the Storm by Gael Lindenfield (Trigger Publishing, £7.99).


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