Recognising A Toxic Working Environment

Recognising A Toxic Working Environment

It’s no secret that since COVID-19, people value the work-life balance a lot more and realised life is too short to be working every hour humanly possible, people also realised that you can enjoy your job and you absolutely should. We have become a generation of workers that dread getting up in the morning, clock-watch until our shift is over, and moan about the work we have to do and/or the people we work for. 

Your workplace can be toxic if it doesn’t feel like somewhere you want to go. Workplaces often focus on pizza parties and trinket rewards like a mug with the company logo on, but they overlook real values like pay rises, extra day’s off and support for your mental health and well-being. It’s important to remember that these things don’t replace appreciation or respect.

Less Casual Fridays and Pizza Parties – We Want REAL Benefits!

Business leaders must take action to improve employee engagement. Stagnating productivity, lack of innovation and low productivity are just some of the issues that can be traced back to poor workplace culture and negative employee engagement. A recent study by Gallup revealed that only 32% of employees around the world have high levels of engagement. This puts companies at risk from high staff turnover, lower sales levels, higher absenteeism and even more stress on employees’ mental health.

TriggerHub is the UK’s leading provider of on-demand bibliotherapy support for a wide range of mental health issues, delivered to employees and employers via our London based service. TriggerHub supports a healthier and happier workplace by providing a safe space to explore mental health issues within your business. We do not just help with mental health – we help your staff recover in their own time, at their own pace, without judgement and on their own terms.

Our mission is to cultivate better working environments and help people get back to enjoying their job. If you want to help reinvent the employee experience you can find out more information here, or get in touch today.