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Why Partner With TriggerHub For University Mental Health Solutions?

For every 30 people experiencing a mental health condition, only around 5 will actually speak up and ask for help. How do we reach all students with an effective early intervention tool that significantly reduces the risk of students becoming visible only at crisis point? …


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  • Student access to BiblioApp
  • 200+ Digital books


  • Student access to BiblioApp
  • 200+ Digital books
  • 100+ Paperbacks
  • BiblioSpace access
  • Webinars
  • Student Newsletter


  • Student access to BiblioApp
  • 200+ Digital books
  • 200+ Paperbacks
  • BiblioSpace access
  • Webinars
  • Student Newsletter
  • 3x BiblioHubs
  • Bespoke Mental Health Calendar
  • 4x Bespoke Workshops

The Most Important Investment You'll Make in 2023

Invest in your most valuable asset. Protect their mental health


Harnessing the unparalleled power of timeless Bibliotherapy, rooted in the wisdom of Lived Experience, our exclusive content enables individuals to explore their mental health, visualize recovery, and reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.

At TriggerHub, we believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking resilience and hope on the journey to mental wellbeing. Here, knowledge truly becomes empowerment as individuals not only deepen their understanding of mental health conditions but also access clinically approved techniques and strategies for self-management and relief from mental health experiences.

LIVED EXPERIENCE: is the wisdom and understanding gained through directly experiencing a mental health condition

BIBLIOTHERAPY: is the use of books and written material as a therapeutic tool to support emotional and psychological wellbeing.
TriggerHub’s Bibliotherapy harnesses the wisdom of Lived Experience, offering exclusively produced content that serves as a powerful tool for:
  • self-exploration
  • recovery visualization
  • to inspire hope
  • stigma reduction
  • and accelerated help-seeking for individuals living with a mental illness.